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Polynar Packaging Performance

When it comes to your packaging needs, Polynar team of experts will work with you on selection and sizing to ensure your job is packed in accordance to your requirements. We produce and ship our products globally, so we are well versed in the latest international packaging standards and shipping regulations.
Our vast knowledge of bagging and packaging technology matched with quality products separates us from other petrochemical companies. We pride ourselves on quality, competitive pricing and prompt services.
Polynar packaging options ensure that products are delivered to you in containers that work for you. Whether 25 kg bags or 750 kg jumbo bags, Polynar will supply the product you need in logistically efficient packaging that keeps your product secure and protected during transport and storage. Each option represents the optimal mix of performance and value to best fit your needs.
Polynar Pallet Packaging Solutions:
Polynar Pallet Packaging
Polynar Pallet Packaging features reliable solution for stability and handling. All pallets are shrink wrapped for extra durability. 
Pallet Dimensions with 50 x 25 kg bags: 1300 mm x 1100 mm x 1900 mm
Pallet weight with 50 x 25 kg bags: 1250 kg
Polynar Pallet less Packaging
offers excellent processability in extrusion blow molding and suitable for the extrusion of film and sheet for thermoforming.
Pallet less Dimensions: 1100 mm x 1300 mm x 1600 mm
Pallet weight: 1225 kg (49x 25 kg bags)
Polynar Pallet less Advantages:
Transportation cost reduction
Handling reduction
Hygienic improvement
Less onsite storage requirement
System reliability enhancement
Polynar 25 kg PP Woven & PE Bags Packaging:
Polypropylene and Polyethylene bags are available for most of our products that are purchased in smaller quantities. Polynar bags are ultrasonic sealed during packaging to further enhance Longevity and storage stability. 
Palletized 25 kg bags are band-fastened to the pallet with shrink wrap for added load protection.
Polynar Packaging Performance:
Material 100% new virgin Polypropylene
Dimensions 640 mm x  560 mm  x 150 mm
Capacity 25 kg
Color White
Seal Ultrasonic Welding
Stitching Ultrasonic Welding
Dispensing Valve
Thickness >=45g/sq.m
Denier 500D
Lamination PP or PE
Polynar 750 kg PP Woven Jumbo Bags Packaging:
Polynar Jumbo bags are very cost effective for shipping and storing large quantities of Polypropylene. Polynar Jumbo bags have integrated features that allow for easy unloading and safe material handling. The filled bags are sized correctly for standard pallets and feature lift straps for easy handling.
Material 100% new virgin Polypropylene
Dimensions 990 mm x  990 mm  x 1450 mm
Polynar PP Woven Jumbo Bags Packaging Advantages
Tear resistance, reducing costly losses of products.
Custom front and left side printing, reducing time for registering inventory.
With liner for better protection.
Characteristics are typical and subject to change without notification.